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Article by Max

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An edited version of this article by Max was first published in issue 107 of LivingNow magazine

     Ask Your Ancestors    

How can we  ask our ancestors,

aren't they all dead and gone?

Dead and gone most of them may be, yet gently it is dawning on a lot of us, not only Aborigines have ancestors with whom they are in touch. It is up to us more recent settlers to get in touch with our own.

While watching on SBS “Who do you think you are”, we witnessed Cathy Freeman  finding out, her Aboriginal paternal grandfather was a volunteer soldier, risking his life for Australia; her maternal great grandfather came from China to be a cook on a homestead in the North.
We followed Ita Buttrose on her journey of discovery about her Jewish ancestors who went from Hungary to New York City and on to Australia.
We saw Geoffrey Robertson proudly connecting with his Prussian forebears and resonated with him and throughout the series with many other celebrities as they were  touched by the contact with their roots. In their own way they asked their ancestors and got some answers that helped to understand who they are.
We can do the same. Finding out facts about our bloodlines has become so much easier in our time with genealogical societies offering their services online. It is hardly necessary to leave our home to embark on a journey of discovery.
However, there is more to be discovered beyond the bloodline : our inner link with the ancestors.
This journey can actually begin right now, right here where we sit reading this.
How do we do it?
We simply close our eyes and go to that inner space where we feel our centre. From that space we allow the awareness of our parents, both mum and dad, standing behind us. Whatever feeling may arise, we get in tune with this deep and simple truth: We only came into existence, because once they fused in Oneness for an instant and regardless of the circumstances, out of that moment a new life sprang forth - us.
The same way both mum and dad came into this world. Each of us has two grandmothers and two grandfathers. Bring them into the circle of your awareness. Next eight Great-grandparents, then sixteen Great-great-grandparents and on it goes.
In awe we permit ourselves to feel surrounded by all those who came before us, all those who gave a part of themselves and passed it on to create the utterly unique human being that we are.
Resting in this state of awe, a question may arise inside, like: ”Why am I  having these feelings of inexplicable sadness come up and flood me at times?” or, ”Why do I keep making the same mistake time and over again?”
I allow that question reverberate inside me. In the space that is the holding vessel filled with the constellation of my ancestors just as the night-time sky is filled with the constellations of the stars. I calmly wait.
Suddenly perhaps from the stillness of the mind a sound, a voice, a word might be felt. Faintly to be heard: “I am with you, my little one.”
To my surprise I may even be able to recognise the face from which this whisper sprang,  Nana, who had died so long ago and who was such a source of  joy for me when I could barely walk.
With joy I allow myself to be flooded with the feeling: I am not alone, this is the place where I belong and remain in that state for a while longer.

This meditation helps us to realise we are not only connected to our ancestors through blood and genes. In our feelings we are united with them just as well, perhaps even more.
In times gone by  hardship was the staple for most of those who came to Australia. So much pain that could not be dealt with, so much grief that could not be expressed.  Did they all take their unresolved troubles to their graves and then miraculously everything was fine and resolved?
Somewhere, somehow all of it is still present. We do not have to go to India and subscribe to the Akashic records *)  in order to find out. Don't we all know deep down: nothing gets lost in this Universe? From there, like raindrops falling from the sky, drops of worries unresolved by our forbears land on one or the other of the descendants.
We don't know where from and what hit us - we are only dimly aware of some inexplicable anxiety that consumes us. Relaxing in our meditation, surrounded by the ancestors, this anxiety vanishes.

In our private inner journey  we can go a long way towards the healing we can receive from our ancestors. However we may reach a point at which left by ourselves we get bogged down. In a group meditation we accomplish the same journey, only our understanding grows so much more powerful, as if multiplied by the number of participants.
One at a time we can ask our question. For a while the others take on the personification of our ancestors, standing in for those who are not physically present.
The good news is, we all have the ability to voluntarily merge for a moment with another human being, even one we do not know. This merging, which may appear a little like channelling, can reveal the feelings of the one represented and may even yield the answer to the questions asked.
This movement does not happen without some guidance and structure. Under the care  of an experienced mediator, the responses of the represented family members begin to make sense,  feelings of pain and anger are permitted to be shown without condemnation. We witness how the ancestors only want their destinies to be acknowledged. Once seen, they turn with love to their descendents.
For the one who asked the question, perhaps best called the seeker, this in turn feels as if a burden has finally been lifted, realising that a burden  was carried on behalf of the ones who came before.
Time and again we experience our ancestors around us are only too willing to see our lives run more smoothly as theirs were permitted to be enjoyed. Great relief is experienced by the seeker upon accepting this gift, which results in a sense of harmony, harmony within and harmony with all the ones who matter.

The Akashic records ... are supposed to contain all knowledge,  including all human experience, held in the Universe . The Akashic Records are metaphorically described as a library and are also likened to a universal computer or the 'Mind of God'.  Wikipedia Online

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